About Us

LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE, based in London, is an agency of the hotel industry operating throughout the UK.

With a network of more than 200 partners across the country (companies, hotels rated 3,4,5 stars and Michelin star restaurants), our agency is now recognised as a quality player. Our mission is to support each candidate in the search for jobs and internships in the growing sector of the hotel and restaurant industry and in any other sector of activity in line with the profile and experience of each of them. Our candidates. Our services include not only the search for professional placement but also a real follow-up, including the support of the administrative procedures: opening a bank account in English, getting an appointment for the establishment of your number national insurance, mandatory to work in the United Kingdom sector in the long term ... etc). Our goal is to offer you a unique professional experience, totally immersed in English culture and language.

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