LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE is mediation agency for students.

.We specialize in assisting them in their research of internships and work experiences. We do focus on their profile and experience.

UK and EUROPE and some International destinations.

We are proud to attract applicants all sharing a similar level of motivation, commitment and ambition.

Most of our applicants are University or Business Schools students looking for a meaningful work experience.

To welcome an intern into your company, the process is simple.

Fill free to fill out the online form become a partner and upload the job

description. We will publish it on our job board you can email to us

So we can understand your needs and requirements.

We can also schedule a call click here  to discuss  further.

If you are interested in our program, please book an appointment with us

via ZOOM or SKYPE VIDEO click here 

We simply require our applicants to be paid.

In the hospitality sector, if you can provide accommodation and meals( it would be highly appreciated too).
 LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD is dedicated to send you motivated and

serious applicants within a period of 2 to 8 weeks maximum between the

receipt of your job description and the confirmation of the placement or

the Internship agreement.