tier 5 Visa - How to work in the UK

tier 5 Visa - How to work in the UK

Tier 5 Temporary Worker (Government Authorised Exchange Visa)

This visa allows you to undertake career related work experience/internship in the UK for a period of one year or two years (depending on the scheme). There are a number of approved Tier 5 organisations who can act as sponsors for your internship provided it meets their requirements for sponsorship.

One disadvantage to the Tier 5 schemes is that you need to leave the UK after your work experience. You cannot switch into a different visa in the UK (such as Tier 2), so this is only for graduates looking for a short period of work in the UK.

Eligibility requirements for the Temporary Worker Visa

In order to be granted this type of visa, you will usually need to be endorsed by a UK Sponsor, who can grant you a Certificate of Sponsorship. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. A select number of countries whose nationals apply through the Youth Mobility Scheme can gain UK entry clearance without a job offer

There are different categories of Temporary Work Visas and the category most appropriate for you will vary depending on which type of role you are intending to fill in the UKThere are five categories of Temporary Worker under the points-based system. Note, the additional Youth Mobility Scheme is not exclusively an employment route.

In all four sub-categories, to apply you must have a sponsor and a valid certificate of sponsorship. You also need to score 40 points comprising of 30 points from your certificate of sponsorship and 10 points for maintenance funds.