Each work experience will be in a hotel partner (3, 4 or 5 stars) or restaurant chain. These establishments are willing to welcome young students whose priority is to improve their language skills. You will be taken care of and trained on site by the team for the position you get. The work experience is only in cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, York, Manchester and Edinburgh and by the sea. Total cost : 820 euros Deposit: 200 euros


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1-12 months
820 euros
Refund policy
100% refunded if we fail to find you a work experience
Such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, York, Manchester and Edinburgh and by the sea.
Salary by month  BEFORE TAXES, on average £1400 OR 1700€ + tips.

Salary AFTER TAXES, about £1245, or about 1400€ after taxes.

You will work 40 hours weekly on average

5 days a week.

2 days off per week

28 days days per year

on a basis or a 12 months contract


in 2 to 4 weeks.

Administrative support
Before and during your stay in the UK 

Shared housing:
Individual room, shared bathroom and kitchen. (shared apartment). Price of housing: between £400 and
£800 monthly (includes water, electricity, and internet bill, furniture, appliances like washing machine
and dryer, taxes.)
Average monthly housing cost in each city in a shared flat or house
London: £800/month
Manchester: £600/month
Leeds: £500/month
Birmingham, Cambridge, Oxford: £500/month
Liverpool: £450/month
York, Glasgow, Edinburgh: £500/month

Look up yourself

For the housing, you have  two options:
Option1: We organize housing visits depending on your criteria and your city of choice.
You are in charge of booking the hotel do the visits yourself and sign the contract with the owner. You are also in
charge of paying the deposit fee, which is often the same price as one month of rent.

Option 2: We visit the housing for you and take pictures and videos. We send you the contract and you
pay the deposit while you’re still in your home country.

You can rent a shared housing, a studio or a larger apartment if you wish! It all depends on your budget.
It’s possible for you to rent you own flat if you wish. Please contact us directly.

We set up What's app live visits for you before your arrival
Average public transport price:

On average £80 to £150 monthly, depending on the city.


Free meals:
You get 1 free meal everyday depending on your work hours: breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

On your off days, you will have to pay for your own meals.
Paperwork support:
you will get our help for administrative matters BEFORE your arrival, DURING your
stay, (opening a bank account, appointment for social security number, etc.)
You will get a coaching in English before your departure in order to give you the
tools to successfully pass your interview with your future employer, and in order to get the necessary
vocabulary before your arrival.
Be between 18 and 35 years of age,
available for minimum 1 month,
have European Nationality.

Candidates with a tourist visa or refugee request are not accepted in this program.
Here are the available positions:
Housekeeper M/F – Beginner in English – 1 month minimum
Kitchen porter M/F – Beginner in English – 1 month minimum
Valet M/F – Beginner in English – 1 month minimum,
Commis cuisine M/F – Beginner in English – 6 months minimum
Commis Patisserie M/F – Beginner in English – 6 months minimum
Waiter/Waitress M/F – Intermediate in English – 1 month minimum
Bartender M/F – Intermediate in English – 1 month minimum
Head Waiter/ Chef de rang M/F – Intermediate in English – 6 months minimum
Receptionist M/F – Advanced in English – 12 months minimum
What’s included:
UK SIM card
Taxi from the airport to your housing
Get your taxes, click here

What’s not included:

Plane ticket, transport fees and personal shopping,

Plan your budget ahead:
For the first month:
3500 euros   to 4000 euros for London
2500€ to 3000 euros  for other cities
the essentials in your suitcase:  
- 2 English plug adapters
- 1 first aid kit and daily medicines
- your passport or identity card valid for the duration of your stay.
-2 long sleeve white shirts
-2 long straight black pants
- 5 pairs of black socks
-1 pair of classic black shoes
- 1 power strip
-1 extension
- tissues
- disinfectant gel
- protective masks and gloves