1. Assistance with visa applications, setting up bank accounts, arranging transportation, and finding accommodation.
Assistance with setting up utilities, finding local services, and getting familiar with the new community.
Providing guidance on healthcare and insurance options in the UK and Europe, including helping clients navigate the healthcare system
Providing transportation and logistics services to move clients' belongings to their new home or office.
Offering virtual services such as video tours and consultations for clients who are unable to visit their new location in person.
Offering cultural immersion programs to help clients better understand the local culture and customs in the UK and Europe.
Providing one-on-one coaching to clients to help them manage the emotional and practical challenges of relocating
 Providing translation services to help clients communicate effectively in their new environment
help with CV preparation, interview coaching
Assistance with finding suitable schools for children, arranging tours, and providing advice on the UK and European education systems.
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