Terms of Service


Terms of Service

Last update on 06.07.2021

You must read these terms to ensure that you are fully aware of the payable services offered by LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

These terms and conditions (which incorporate our privacy policy) set out the terms of our Agreement with you "the applicant/customer/applicant" in connection with our offer of any service you purchase from LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

"You" / "Your" in the terms and conditions and on the website or refer to the customer/applicant/candidate.

"We" / "Our" in the terms and conditions and on the website


The websites of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD are and as well as translated versions.

LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD is a mediation agency, specializing in the relationship between candidate/client/applicant and employer/host company. We are LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD whose trade name is LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD is a company registered in England and Wales under number 12039550 whose head office is located at 71-75 Shelton Street London Covent Garden WC2H 9JQ ENGLAND



LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD is an agency providing mediation services between You the Applicant / Client / and the Employer / Host Company.

All requests must be sent by email or via one of the online application forms on one of the websites of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD. or and any translated versions of our websites available.

All applicants must communicate to LOVE WORK EXPERIENCE UK LTD their CV, cover letter and identity documents ( ID Card or Passport) requested as well as references to be communicated to any potential employer selected by LOVE WORK EXPERIENCE UK LTD.

All requests must be sent according to the deadlines indicated on the websites of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

You must include in your application file a copy of all the necessary supporting documents.

Any missing document will delay the processing time.

The processing time due to Covid -19 has changed.


8 weeks to 12 weeks on average


8 weeks to 12 weeks on average


8 weeks to 16 weeks on average


8 weeks to 16 weeks on average

All applicants must meet the requirements by LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

LOVE WORK EXPERIENCE UK LTD can accept your payment and legally as being enforceable and about you.

The terms and conditions will apply to the purchase of services by you / the


These are the terms that govern the sale of our services.

You can buy the services of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD only if you can conclude a contract at least 18 years old and no under supervision.

The description of the services of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD is presented on the website

In the case of services rendered to your special needs, it is your responsibility to ensure that all information or specifications that you provide are accurate.

All services that appear on the site are available under conditions.

Your application

In the United Kingdom and Ireland

We do accept EU British and International applications.

Europe and International destinations

EU applicants and International Citizens are accepted for destinations in Europe and international

destinations under visa conditions.


Rates are currently displayed in Euros and In GBP and in USD.

Rates shown are valid per person, for a chosen package, a chosen destination and a specific duration of your internship or work experience and specified for each offer on our websites.

Any change request of package, destination and duration must be submitted to LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD by email at

and a quotation from LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD will be issued and will need be to be accepted by the candidate to move forward.

As a result, the candidate will have to pay the full amount of this new quotation before departure/change.

Administrative fee

Administrative fee t must be paid immediately after the online registration.

Any registration submitted without the payment of administrative fees will not be considered.


400 euros/ £350.00 / in USD 480


400 euros/ £350 / in USD 480


625 € euros

750 USD Dollars

£ 570.00 ( GBP)

An invoice will be issued and sent to the applicant/ candidate/client/ you once the payment has been received.


They will cover our research costs, your references and your background check and the triggering of the mediation/placement process between the candidate/client and his / her future employer.

Payment and currencies

Payment for the LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD mediation service may be made by the candidate or a third person if accepted by LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD can accept payments in SGD, Euros, Pounds Sterling and US Dollars to accommodate UK, European and International clients/candidates.

Here is the link to find the bank account details for different currencies

We accept different means of payment visa card, MasterCard and also via PAYPAL, APPLE PAY, GOOGLE PAY and mobile instant pay via I ZETTLE, bank transfer and cash transfer via MONEYGRAM.

We do not accept payments by check.

Payments can be made in other currencies in Euro, SGD, Pound sterling and US Dollar.

For any payment made an invoice is issued and sent by email to the Applicant/customer/Candidate.

You will have the possibility to pay in 2 to 5 times and always before you depart from your country of origin and BEFORE the beginning of your internship program or work experience.

Before the departure of his country of origin, the candidate will have to pay 100% of the expenses of mediation/placement invoiced.

Meaning the administrative and the cost of the program.


The applicant can use the services o the Agency up to 12 months once he/ she has paid the administrative fee.

If the applicant does not use the services of the Agency within 12 months, he/she looses the deposit and will need to renew the application and pay the deposit again.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE will not refund in any circumstances.

Cancellation by The Agency

If the applicant provides false documents or does not attend the interviews scheduled by the agency.

If the applicant declines his/contract with the host company.

The applicant's application will be cancelled, and no refund will be issued.

Refund Policy

the administrative fee is not refundable under no circumstances.

Any request of refund must be send by email to

reference: Applicant name and a copy of the payment initial payment.

What we do

We check your background based on your information provided (references, level of English).

We contact you by phone to assess your ability to communicate verbally and discuss your profile and expectations with your future employer.

We send you a confirmation letter once your request is accepted.

We help you prepare to travel by providing advice.

We remain available for the duration of the program and enrolled and paid for.

We agree to try to help you with a misunderstanding with your employer during your internship or work experience.

Your request must be for a placement of a minimum of 1 month.

For placements outside the United Kingdom, the candidate receives assistance and support from local partners.

In case of failure on our part


If we do not present you any placement proposal in the context of a work placement or paid job or internship in the United Kingdom you will be reimbursed 100% of the advanced costs.

In Europe and International

In the case of a work placement/internship made with external partners for paid internships in Europe and has internationally. Reimbursement of advanced fees will be made according to the terms and conditions of external partners.

The information and terms will always be communicated to you before launching your placement/mediation process with your future host company as part of your internship program.

Transport and Travel

Transportation costs to and from the workplace / Internship housing are not covered by Love UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD

Return travel costs are not covered by Love UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

As well as any cost not mentioned or excluded from our services.


If we feel that you are not serious, or that you have provided us false information if you have refused a maximum of 2 work placements/internships matching your profile and experience.

We will keep 100% of the total amount of any deposit you paid.

We will notify you by email within 48 hours once we have made our decision.

New placement

In case of a request for the new placement, while you are in your country of destination, we remind that additional costs will be charged.

These fees will be listed directly on the LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD websites and translated versions.

These fees are payable at 100% before confirmation of the work placement/internship.

Request for cancellation of the Applicant/customer/applicant after departure from your country of origin

After your departure, if you wish to terminate your work placement/ internship for any reason before the due date.

100% of the costs will be kept by LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

Cancellations must be made by email only:

Loss and damage

We are not responsible for any damages, losses or problems, robbery during your trip/work placement/ internship, your transportation and during your stay in the UK and any other international destination.

We do not accept any liability for any problem with your employer in the United Kingdom and Ireland and internationally.

LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD is ONLY a mediation agency.

We are not responsible for losses, damages resulting from or not from the candidate during the transport and his stay organized in his/her chosen country of destination before, during and after his/her placement.

We are not responsible for losses that are directly or indirectly caused by a violation of these terms.

We are not responsible for conditions that are or are not reasonable for you and foreseeable or not by you or the employer and ourselves even if we are informed of the possibility of such losses or


In no event shall our liability include loss or damage to the candidate/employer.

We do not accept any liability for damage, robbery caused by the claimant at his place of work and his place of residence in the chosen country of destination.

Neither those whose candidate cannot be responsible.

Limitation of Responsibilities of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD

We do not accept any liability for damage, robbery caused by the claimant at his/her place of work.

We do not accept any responsibility for the authenticity of the documents provided by the candidate and submitted to the employer.

As a mediation agency LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD claims to be completely independent of the Employer / Home Businesses.

Thus, LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE ltd cannot be held liable for any loss or damage suffered in any way because of the contractual relationship between the Employers and the CANDIDATE.

Candidate Relationship with LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD

We remain available for the duration of the chosen package and paid for by the candidate.

Beyond the initial duration, if the candidate wishes the support of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD, He/she will have to renew his/her package and pay for the new chosen duration.

The candidate can contact us via email


Candidate and Employer Relationship

We, LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD, do not accept any liability for any deterioration of the relationship between the candidate and his/her employer.

Candidate's salary or stipend

We, LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD, do not accept any liability for Candidates' salary or stipend. Candidates are solely responsible for verifying their payslips and interacting with their employer to update any discrepancies if necessary.

LOVE WORK EXPERIENCE UK LTD might assist the candidate under certain conditions defined by the US.

Conditions to be determined by LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD on a case by case basis.

The Applicant will have to provide all the elements / exchanged with his/her employer for a good understanding of the situation. These elements must be communicated exclusively by email


You are responsible for providing valid travel and health insurance before your departure date.

Personal expenses

All expenses before during and after the Candidate's travel are to be supported by himself or herself.

Agreement guarantees

We cannot accept any guarantee if we have not reached a positive agreement.

You must remain available if we must contact you by e-mail/phone or What's app/skype.

You must accept the second offer we offer you, even, provided it matches your profile and the chosen service.

Once you have received your confirmation letter, you must respect the agreed departure date.

You must insert your initials on each page, sign and add the signature date of the document.

You must return the paper copy only by email to

Applicant's delay

If you encounter a problem, you must contact your employer no later than 48 hours before your departure by e-mail if you have direct contact information or

by email or by phone WHAT'S APP to change the date of your arrival.

If you are unable to inform your employer in time, we reserve the right to cancel your application and retain 100% of the payment made.

Date change

Any modification date will be billed as follows

Beyond 7 days from the initial date 10% in addition to our fees the first time, Beyond 10 days from the initial date 15% in addition to our fees for the second time.

This increase will apply only if the date of commencement of the Applicant's placement has been confirmed in advance with the Employer. In the absence of a confirmation of placement, this increase will not apply.

We, LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD, act as a mediation agency between you / the applicant and your future employer/host company in the UK and Europe and any other international destination with

the help of partners.

Cancellation of the Candidate

You must inform us if you choose to stop your work experience for any reason at any time by email to

Before your departure.

You must make sure that you have all the valid required documents. Valid ID or passport, health insurance.

Documents scanned can be sent by email and they will be fully accepted.

Once we have accepted your request. You will receive an e-mail as confirmation.

We agree to accurately convey the information submitted to your employer/host company.

You must have paid the full package chosen for the chosen pack and chosen duration of stay in your country of destination.


All your data is collected and processed following the European Data Protection Act (GDPR). LOVE WORK EXPERIENCE UK is committed to protecting your privacy and to comply with its obligations regarding the security of your information communicated.

LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD collects and uses Users' personal data per European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals concerning the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (hereinafter "the Regulations").

Purpose of the treatment

All information collected is processed to render the Services.

The data collected may also be used for statistical studies or analyses.

Finally, the collected data may be processed by LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD and / or its business partners, for marketing purposes, including commercial.

Legal basis of treatment

The processing of user data is based on the performance of a contract.

However, the treatment may also be based on the consent of the users concerned by the treatment, when such consent is required (for example, for the use of their data for commercial prospecting purposes).

Data source

The data is collected:

- Either directly to the users concerned (for example when a candidate completes his profile on the platform).

- Or on publicly available sources, such as professional social networks or sites and applications for job offers (as regards data relating to the candidate's professional experience, academic background, and skills).


The recipients of this data are: LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD

- users of the platform.

- the business partners of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

- the subcontractors of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD (such as the accommodation provider).

LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE ensures that the recipients of the data offer serious guarantees of security and confidentiality of the personal data transmitted to them by the Candidates.

Transfer of data outside the European Union

The data is mainly processed within the European Union.

Nevertheless, some data may be transferred outside the European Union.

In this case, LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD will ensure that such transfers are made to countries with a sufficient level of protection, or that they are governed by legal tools that guarantee these transfers a level of protection in line with European requirements ( such as the Standard Contractual Clauses of the European Commission, and / or by the accession of the recipients of the data to the Privacy Shield, when located in the United States).

Retention of data In the event of a negative outcome to an application, the candidate will be asked to know if he wishes to keep his profile for a maximum of five (5) years, to allow him/her to request the destruction.

If the CANDIDATE does not ask for their destruction, the data automatically destroyed, at the latest, five (5) years after the said solicitation.

As soon as a user's account is deactivated, all the data associated with his/her profile will be automatically and permanently deleted by us.

Rights of the user concerned by the treatment

The user concerned by the treatment has, regarding the processing of his/her personal data, a right of access, opposition, the rectification, or erasure.

Also, the user has the right to provide LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD with guidelines that define how he/she wishes his/her personal data to be processed after his/her death (for example, whether he/she wants them to be kept, erased, or communicated to a designated third party).

The user may also exercise his/her right to the limitation of treatment and his/her right to the portability of his/her personal data, as provided by the Regulation. He/she also has the right to withdraw his/her consent to the processing of his personal data (for any treatment based on his consent). Finally, it can assert its right not to be the subject of a decision based exclusively on automated processing (such as profiling for example) producing legal effects concerning or significantly affecting it. He/she also has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority regarding the processing of his/her personal data. The exercise of these rights will be done by transmitting the request to LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD: -

by email to


A "cookie" is a computer file intended to collect information from your device. As part of its activity.

LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD uses different types of cookies including:

- session cookies to allow users to avoid having to log in each time they log in on the same day on the LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE platform;

- Audience measurement cookies (Google Analytics type);

- Social network cookies; - Advertising cookies. The lifetime of these cookies does not exceed thirteen (13) months.

Users may access all the information contained in the files in connection with the cookies used by LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD.

Users may, if they wish, oppose the use of these cookies by selecting the appropriate browser settings of their device to disable them (the help topic of the browser used specifies the procedure to follow).

Update of terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions and rates are posted and available on our websites.

We can change these terms from time to time. When we do, we will post the new version on the website.

Each new version is effective from the time it was first posted on our websites.

However, any changes will not affect the existing terms accepted by you. When you use our service, we will ask you to confirm your acceptance of the most recent version of these terms and conditions each time you use our services by checking a box on the online registration form.

If you do not accept any changes to these terms and conditions, you must stop using our services.

These terms are intended to state the complete agreement that binds us with you

and any prior communication between us is not

included in this agreement.

We recommend that you read them carefully for your own benefit.

If you think this agreement is incomplete, be sure to ask us for additional information

In this way, we can avoid any problem before you travel or start your remote placement.

In case of dispute

You and we agree that British law applies to these terms and conditions and that any dispute between us regarding Our service or arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be dealt with only by a United Kingdom court.

Your consent

By using and paying for the services of LOVE UK WORK EXPERIENCE LTD, you agree to our terms of service.